[Comments & Feedback] Most Original Smart Device in 2023

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Affordable mmWave presence sensors from several vendors.

Thanks for your feedback. The main thread is reserved to specific devices. I moved your comment to the open discussion thread.

I disagree with your decision. There are no mmWave devices in the original topic. I could certainly nominate the Linptech/Moes which I use but there are others with similar tech that people seem to like equally well. The category is essentially new.

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But you already nominated the Linptech in the correct category: Most Popular Motion Sensors in 2023 - #7 by bbrannon

The mmWave is a technology that many devices use, is not one original device in particular that captured your attention this year, and that is what the Year in Review is about. But I appreciate your feedback, I am too fascinated by the mmWave developments.

The note on the main thread should explain the decision to move your comment here, let me know if the notes are not clear: