Command completion speed, local vs remote

I have an odd "issue". i quote issue, becuase things still work, just the time it takes to do them is odd, ill explain:

i got a Zooz Zen 34 remote switch to physically control some bulbs i have in lamps in my bedroom. It set up fine, and the buttons work as they should, they just take a little while, like sometimes up to 2-3 seconds for the lights to go on/off after hitting the paddle.

If i issue a google home command to turn on those same bulbs (via the google home HE integration), they react instantly.

So my question is, why would this path:
Voice To google > google servers > hubitat server > My HE > bulbs

be faster than
local switch > my HE > bulbs.

I have a 1600 sq foot home, and the HE hub, is about 20 Ft from the switch in a straight line, but thats through a ceiling/floor, made of just wood, and some drywll/plaster, no concrete or metal.

Thatโ€™s a very good question.. Can you turn on debug logging for the 2 devices and post a screenshot of the logs when you trigger it?

This wouldn't account for the 2-3 second delay but there will be a slight delay using that paddle because the switch has to wait to make sure that you are not multi-tapping.

this is interesting.. and perhaps my 2-3 seconds is exaggerated. let me set up the double tap to be the same function and see if theres a similiar delay.

I think it allows for quadruple tap so try setting up that and see if delay goes away. I don't own that specific Zooz product though.