Combining power consumption from 3 energy meters into one

I have three phase power at my house, and have three Aeotec Home Energy Meters installed one for each phase,
would it be possible to combine the three readings into one?
The pool, bore hole and heat pumps runs of normal Fibaro/qubino relays, I have installed 80A relays that takes the load, so the small z-wave relays do not take any abuse. But because of this I do not get a energy reading from them. That is why I have installed the Aeotec Home Energy Meters. I am used to WebCore, in ST, but do not see any way I can utilize the rule manager for this.

Its been a long time since I worked with 3Ø installations, however in your situation I'm not sure you can simply add (or subtract) the "average" outputs from the 3 different Aeotec's. If I recall for real time power one must know the phase of the current especially if the installation is a 4 wire system.

I would suggest you manually look at the numbers you receive from the 3 Aerotec's and under different conditions, can you manually calculate the power?

I looked quickly on the Aerotec website and they show wiring for 3Ø 3 wire and 3Ø 4 wire installations. Can on of your units do this, or are there different unit variations for each type of system?

Why not just use the Aeotec HEM with 3 CT's, one for each phase?

For example...

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Perhaps all you need to do is connect all your transformer/current sensors to one unit? On the Aeotec site I couldn't see any difference in part numbers for 1Ø or 3Ø, and the base unit shows "1", "2" & "3" in the photos. Would be an easy solution.

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