Combining devices mean data in Grafana?

Hi all, I recently fired up a new Pi and decided to get influx logging going again. Much cleaner install than my first tinkering with it.

I am curious about the versatility of Grafana. Is it possible to combine data from multiple devices? For instance, can there be a "whole house temperature" that combines all the temp data from multiple sensors into one line?

Not sure if Grafana has that ability, but another way to do it is to use one of the averaging apps to average them, then use that device in Grafana. I use one called Average Temperatures written by Bruce Ravenel and found in the Hubitat repository located at GitHub - hubitat/HubitatPublic. Here is the direct link: HubitatPublic/averageTemp.groovy at master · hubitat/HubitatPublic · GitHub


I'd be surprised if Grafana couldn't do it, but the easier option is likely an app in HE.

Nice thanks, I'll use @bravenel 's Average Temp app. I might make a little modification for one to use humidity as well... or check out some of the other HE math apps.

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My app does both and then some.


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