Combine multiple Fans Rule

Has anyone written a rule to control multiple GE Fan controller switches using a virtual fan switch they can share as an example?

I was thinking this should be simple; however, it is not simply an on and off command it is also a high, medium, and low variable. For me this task is becoming multi rules firing other rules and separate virtual switches for each speed. I know I am over-complicating this and feel what I am trying is getting to be a huge mess. Thus my post for help.

I have tried groups, switch bindings and fan sync but these do not play well with the zwave plus fan controllers as in order for them to report back correctly each of the 4 fans I am controlling require a 1-2 second delay between each one being commanded otherwise they will not report back their status. I do not know how to write this in code so I am working with RM 4 . I suppose in lieu of a delay I could poll each switch to update its status at the end of each speed command as another option..

I am regretting not buying the Zigbee Hampton controllers....