Combine Lutron Pico Button Rules

I have a Lutron Pico and was using SAR for some lamps before just switching to Basic Rules today. I was wondering, is there an easier and NEATER way to combine Basic Rules into a single Basic Rule?

For example, I had to create (just like my SAR) separate rules for each of my Lutron Pico’s 5 buttons. Button 1 for 100% brightness, Button 2 for 75%, and so on. Just seems redundant and messy looking when having so many devices.


Check out Button Controller.

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You can also try the community Advanced Button Controller (ABC) which has a pretty nice UI. I have been using it for all of my Pico remotes for years.


“For years” haha I’ve had these pre-HE and am only hearing about this now.

There’s just so many things and workarounds - wish there was a more consolidated list somewhere with independent apps and workarounds. Last 2 years I’ve been so busy (kids and a hospital stay) that everything was working status quo - didn’t bother to investigate.

I appreciate you guys answering questions that have probably been asked a million times already - just too much to navigate for me these days.

Thanks for letting me know - will definitely check it out.

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Okay so much easier lol.

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