Colour Temperature lights

Hi there!
this may seem like a silly question, but what tile do I use in the dashboard for a colour temperature light?
just trying to test out the new CT Xaiomi driver!

Color Bulb. When pressed, it pops up a details page that includes level and color temperature (as well as color).


As a note, suggest creating a test dashboard. There you can test the many options and determine what is best for device types you have just encountered.

What I do is two tiles for each bulb. One for the basic on-off and level and the other for CT or color. Makes it faster to just turn on/off. Below is my main dashboard. The upper left corner four tiles are CT lights.


thanks! your dashboard looks beautiful BTW :slight_smile:
and your idea of having two tiles, that is inspired!
it has always seemed a pain turning colour bulbs on and off via the properties page!
thanks a lot!!
love and peace