Colour lights on Dashboard


I have many Hue lights and whilst they are mostly automatically controlled I want to be able to turn them on and off (to their last set state) with one click (like on Smartthings & Hue apps).

At the moment I need to click on the light tile which then displays the light settings panel (RGB & CCT, Brightness & on / off) and then click the on / off button.

On the mobile app its somewhat worst because when the light settings panel opens its too big for my phone screen and I need to scroll around to find the on / off button.

Would it be possible to model the colour light tile around the Smartthings and Hue concept? It would make it easier for users who have many coloured lights to stay with the Hubitat dash and not have to use a second dash for lights.


You can always add a second tile for on/off if you want.

Also, what phone / device and browser are you using?


Hi Patrick. Hadn't thought of that & yep I could do so. Would be more elegant to be able to do both from one tile in future. I'm using an iphone7 with Safari. The light control part opens in its own window in the middle of the phone screen and I need to move it around to the part I want in order to change colour, adjust brightness or turn light on / off. Thanks for your help