Is there an easier way to set colors on devices rather than the color map? I want a daylight color on my lights but can't figure out how to get there. Thanks.

Yes. The setColor() command is for RGB-mode colors (really hue/saturation or HS, but easily converted). In general, you'll have a hard time getting whites with this command, though low saturation with an appopriate hue is a good guess for some--and if your lights are truly RGB-only, then it may be the only way.

What you probably want is setColorTemperature(). If your bulb is CT-capable (CT = color temperature), then this command should be there. If you aren't familiar, CT is basically shades of white, and Hubitat uses the Kelvin scale. A value of around 2700K is the warm (yellow-ish) white you might be used to from incandescent bulbs; a value of 4000 is a slightly cool white, and by the time you get to 5000 or higher, it's a blue-ish white. For daylight, you might want to try "Set Color Temperature" command with a value of around 5000 or 6000 (and keep in mind that even though these are theoretically standardized, they will not necessarily look the same across different brands/models--or behave the same; for example, some cheap bulbs I've seen get unexpectedly warmer or cooler as you dim, and some are just "natively" brighter at certain CTs than others).


Perfect that worked!

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