Colored backgraund if temp sensor increase

can i get somehow coloured backgruond for temp sensor when temperature increase?

when temp > set red, when < set blue ?

What background do you speak of? Dashboard? Can you share a bit more info on this?

background of one device that show temperature

No, the "Thermostat" template on the Dashboard only allows different colors for different thermostat states (heating, cooling, idle, etc.), not based on temperature. A "Temperature" template allows only one color for the tile itself. I can't think of any easy workarounds, though I imagine someone creative enough might be able to fake a fragile workaround into creating a similar effect with a different template.

How good are y’all with JS injection and CSS? :joy: I’ve got a way...

You do know that I am convinced that there is nothing that you can't find a way around @adamkempenich

There are pre-plugins tools for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :

Couldn't find my way around the mall today :laughing:

There sure are :slight_smile: If someone is in the chrome ecosystem, that's not a bad way to go.

@krzyskonieczny15 I will try to think of a way to do this in Rule Machine.

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Your mistake was the fact that you actually went to the mall. Rookie mistake Adam. Rookie mistake. :grin:


I was thinking about virtual bulb that can change colours and rule for that :grin:

That’s not a bad idea. Make the background of the parent tile transparent. Change the bulb color if temperatures are increasing or decreasing.

In CSS, all you’d need to do to make the color tile fill with the bulb’s color is disable the text elements, and then make the width and height of the colored circle to 100% of the parent element, and set its border radius to 0. :slight_smile:

But what event will start the rule ?:blush:

Rule Machine has a trigger:
Temperature Increases
Temperature Decreases
Temperature Changes

You could use two rules with the first two triggers to change that bulb's color.

Gotta do some things to keep the WAF high :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well at our mall, they have comfy "waiting husband" chairs. With movies and massage. That might be worth it, but I don't go to the mall. ev-er. So my husband is off the hook.

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Hmm interesting , for event I do not remember decrease or increase , for condition yes , but not for event to run rule :grin:

adamkempenich yes i have got those options, but i thought that virtual color bulb changes colour also on dashboard:D

Do yours not? I just tested it on my dashboard and it updated within a second or two.

not, how can i cchange color on virtual bulb ? virtual color temperature light?

Hm, my apologies — I’m having a bit of trouble understanding.

Are you trying to update the color of a virtual bulb on the dashboard from a rule?