colorControlV1 property not found

Hi all. I am trying to get the color property to work on the EZMultiPli and I keep getting this error:

No such property: colorControlV1 for class: hubitat.zwave.Zwave on line 174

This is the code it’s complaining about:

cmds << zwave.colorControlV1.startCapabilityLevelChange(capabilityId: 0x02, startState: myred, ignoreStartState: True, updown: True).format()

Does anyone know if this property is even supported in hubitat?

@mike.maxwell posted in another thread that property isn’t being used and to just comment it out.

colorControl was/is now obsolete, similar commands are available in the switchColorV1, 2 and 3 classes, all of these have been implemented in hubitat.


Ok. That seemed to work to get past that problem but I can’t seem to get the light to actually change colors.

I’ll admit all of my code writing is always trial and error because I try to hack code together.

Is there any where I can go to learn about what this actually does?

Depends on how intent you are on learning zwave commands, you can troll through other drivers that use these or take the time to read the zwave spec docs where the actual commands and what they do and how they are implemented is defined. The latter is the most successful way of doing it, but also the most difficult in terms of learning curve.

Do a quick search of colorControlv1 and you’ll find a driver that has color control already, you might be able to cut/paste/beg for help getting it working. :wink:

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