Color Tunable LED strip (two channel)

I have installed in my kitchen Tunable LED strips which consist of Warm White (2700K) and Cool White (6500K). These are very high quality and high CRI lights.

I am using the Zooz Zen31 controller. Warm White is controlled by the Red channel and Cool White by the Blue channel. Scenes can be made for various color temperatures using RGB sliders but it's kind of a hack and not really meant to be used this way.
I just wonder if anyone else here is using these. Is there is a better way to directly control color temp in this use case? I think it may require a custom driver. Something beyond my skills.
Searching the forums everything I've read refers to RGBW strips and bulbs. Vivid color displays may be a novelty but color tunable white is far more useful. You will not find this quality of light in a RGBW strip at this time.

I use tunable white led strips in my kitchen .. But I use RGBGenie LED Controllers as they have a mode for CT strips and it uses the standard setColorTemperature command

I am also fairly certain Gledopto has a controller they sell that supports 12 and 24v for white tuneable only. Heck even the rgbww controller would probably work. You would need to connect the right leads.

Thanks bcopeland and mavrrick58,
Guess I should have gone with RGBGenie instead of Zooz. I will check out Gledopto as well.

+1 for Gledopto, they are good. Just be careful not to buy the 2ID controller because these are not fully supported by HE (but do work on Hue) although because you only want the 1 channel (for CT) you'd probably be alright even with that controller. Anyway, you will find several posts on the forum about Gledopto controllers.