Color Light Bulb Options

Looking for help here. Yes I have Philips Hue. Yes it's expensive. I'm looking for NON Hue Color light bulbs that will work with Hubitat if possible to cut out the middle hub. I have so few Hue bulbs that I could replace them and not miss having yet another hub to look after.

Once I get my hub I’ll see how difficult it is to get yeelight working. I’ve got a light strip for my TV from them, but they have color light bulbs too. They are wifi though instead of zigbee or zwave.


Did you get yeelight working?

This is quite old and I don't hear from @EdwardN much these days. Where'd ya go Ed? Lost in a 3D printing world?

Anyway, Ikea Trådfri (although not anywhere near the color quality of Hue) are not too bad. Hopefully they'll get the picture at some point and offer just the bulbs without their remote, but for now even with the remote, they're decent bulbs for a decent price. Not sure about direct HE pairing. Have not tried that and I returned the bulb I had because my wife hated the color quality. However they pair and work nicely with the Hue Bridge. Can even keep up with an app like screenBloom.

Yep, basically that. I bought one, then started building a second one from scratch and it turned into a much bigger project than I originally thought. Fun, certainly, but time consuming.

As for the yeelight, I use my shieldtv with Tasker and Yeelight app sideloaded to turn it on and off with the screen on/off of the shieldtv. I tried briefly to get the yeelight ported but I'm not a programmer and wifi devices are harder to get working on Hubitat, especially ones with non-standard ports for communication like the yeelights.

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