Color device not being set correctly


I think I can allow that :rofl:


Do you have a update on this @bravenel ?


@bravenel I have been testing this since the update and i'm getting random results. It seems that in this set up not all commands are sent at all times and/ or maybe there sent to fast for the bulbs?

whats happens on the 1st trigger is the set-up does 4 commands, but the light only takes 3 commands, so comes on and goes to a whitish colour. Then when I trigger the detector again over 1 min later but before the motion time elapses (total 3 mins), it will only do the 3 commands (Because the light is already on I assume) but that time it works. So it seems there is a 3 command limit to what a bulb can handle at the same second?


What kind of device is this?


Osram RGBW tunable white zigbee lamp, using the stock DH.


Those events for the device look correct. !00 hue, 100 sat, 10 level ==> red at 10%. If the light is not responding properly, that is something to do with the driver or the light itself, not with Motion Lighting. Tagging @mike.maxwell to look at this.


I have multiple different types of these lights all using the same driver and they all do the same. Just seems to be 3 messages at the same time maximum


I found a work around for this until it's fixed. I found if you used turn on switch then set scene per mode it works. Not idea having loads of scenes when this shouldn't be needed but it works :grin:


@mike.maxwell have you had a chance to look into the driver for this issue? It's still not working correctly on the latest firmware.


Sorry, lost track of this.
What's this driver not doing that it's supposed to do?


the issue seems to be if more than 3 messages are sent at the same time .The 4th onwards will be dropped


Unless I missed something, the example rule shown only includes two commands, which could in fact be one. Set the color to red with a level of 10.
So I'm looking for the rule that has 4 commands in it.


in the logs its 4 as its sets the ON then level then hue and saturation.

As I said above if the PIR elapses but the rule doesn't, when the PIR is re triggered then because the light is already on it then only sends the hue and saturation so then corrects the colour. @bravenel says this is correct for RM so it must be something in the driver that should stager the commands?


@bravenel was this ever fixed for motion lighting? ( the delay per mode, nothing has been in the release notes about it)

Also what i would like to be able to is have a delay OFF only per mode I.E my set up in some of my rooms is during the day modes i don't want the lights to come on unless i manually turn them on, but if someone forgets to turn them off, I want them to turn off after the detector is inactive for x time (commercial term is Absence). This kind of works currently but the timer option disappears once you select delay per mode in the on selection. As the bug was that delay per mode was still using the standard delay that is now hidden it may work ish for me depending on if its been fixed, still got to test fully.
Also IMO it makes more sense for the delay per mode option to be in the OFF page, rather than the ON?


I'm going to have to start over on this. I don't remember at all what it was about.


There were a few things at the time but this one is a easily proved one. When you use "delay per mode" it doesn't use the delay you have put in, instead it uses the general delay time that is a option untill you turn on "delay per mode" ie as standard 1 min. I only found this out because mine were turning off after 1 min and I couldn't find the one minute anywhere untill I turned off "delay per mode" it then is a option. Which if you increase and then turn on delay per mode it will still use general number rather than your per mode options.


Actually slightly wrong on what I said it seems to still use the 1 min standard no matter.


Thanks, will dig into this again.


You never showed this setup. I can't find an issue with per mode delay, unless it wasn't set for some mode. In that case, the delay will be 1 minute it the delay-per-mode was selected.

It is in the Lights selection section, because that is where the modes are offered up for things to be set per mode.


so should you be able to have multiple different delays per mode for different switch types of the same mode?
reason I ask is this surely this make it more complex as well because if you have turn on per mode then scenes per mode selected it gives you option of delay per mode in both. But it wont let you change the "switch per mode delay" it just reverts back to what it was before when you click off it. If you change the scene per mode though on the same mode it will automatically fill in the switch per mode delay? So as the delay is a OFF it would make sense to just have a option there and not have to repeat?

for all modes or just the ones not selected? It doesn't suggest you need to select all the modes because its a tick the ones you want, should you select them all, even the ones not used? In my setup below i haven't selected night sleep because i don't want it to turn ON or OFF at all, what i did find is i had to do a disable OFF in that mode because even though the mode wasn't used it still turned off. is this the issue? Again if it is this again would need to be moved to a different place because i have RGB temp lamps i want to have temperature levels throughout the day then colours and other stuff in special modes.