Color Bulb Tile not displaying correctly in portrait mode

There seems to be an issue with how the dashboard displays the color bulb settings on the iPad in portrait mode. The information is out of alignment:

Is anyone else seeing this?

My iPad is fine, but I know I have seriously jacked up that screen with some bad CSS entries. Check it on a clean dash and work your way out from there.

Hehe... you have customized dashboards? :wink:

The issue is on a clean one. It is really an issue in vertical mode. It seems okay in horizontal mode.

Here it is on a brand new dashboard with 0 customization:

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Yep your right. Confirmed, my one iPad is mounted landscape so it didn't show up until I checked another. smartly also bumps it back inside

Good to know it’s not just me! Now the question... Who at Hubitat should know about this to fix it... Is Mike the one who looks after the dashboard?

Think @gopher.ny @moncho1138 and maybe @patrick but just observations from an outsider. :slight_smile:

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