Code migration questions

I have an app on ST which I want to migrate across.. this is a parent/child app but all of the code is in one app.. If I try to open the child on Hubitat it just gives me a 500 error..

Does this work on Hubitat? if so does anyone have an example and I'll try to work out what's going on.. if not then that's fine I just didn't want to spend ages trying to fix it if it's not possible to have both apps in one set of code!

Second question on ST the pause command was limited to 20 seconds (I think), does Hubitat have a limit for this, as this has been a limiting factor with some of my previous projects..

Thanks in advance

Usually a 500 error has to do with not finding a page the app is looking for. There should not be any big issue with moving a parent-child app over to Hubitat. Maybe you could post your code, here or by PM, and we could look to see if there's anything obvious.

Will get answer for pause().

Updated: pauseExecution(long millisecs)

There is no limit on how long.

@bravenel I believe @jebbett is referring the a hybrid parent/child app that many started using in Smartthings (the app would reference itself as both the parent and child with some coding magic). This was not officially supported by ST and had recently started breaking the functionality of many smartApps when they updated their mobile app. FYI.

Oh, yes, now I see that in his note. Ady started that with CoRE. I don't know anything about how it's done. But, I suspect it doesn't work in Hubitat. He'd have to separate the parent from the child.

Yep. I used it for almost all my apps until the mobile app broke it for IOS users. I ended up having to recode my apps in the supported 2 app (parent/child) format. I didn't even bother trying it on Hubitat because it was a pain having to reconfigure my apps in the first place and a bigger pain having to advise everyone that used it to reinstall with the new setup for any new updates.

Thanks @bravenel and @stephack, I though that might be the case.. I’ll get on splitting it all out..

Good news about the pause though!

@bravenel just realised the ST limitation was not on the pause, but on the execution duration of a script, I guess they wanted to keep this down due to the cloud cpu cycles, I assume no run limit on Hubitat as all local?

Haha, well, you've got a dedicated quad-core cpu all to yourself. Knock yourself out. Still advise against infinite loops....:open_mouth: