[Code Freeze] Welcome Home

In this case you'd be better off starting a new thread showing how the lastactivity on the device page doesn't match the events page. Bruce won't try do dig through a post like this to find out what's going on. Would take too much time.

@bptworld Since the latest 2.12 update I haven’t had this issue happen. Probably was the time stamp issue that was only in the UI but realistically is also in the device itself.

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LOL. Blade Runner reference. Love it.


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This is a great app. thank you.

I use it with a Google display. Does anyone know how to make the display close the cast picture after its spoken? It gets stuck on it after a message comes through.


In the Device page. turn on 'Stop after TTS is complete'.


I haven't updated this in a while and I am noticing that there is a driver called WelcomeHomeDriver. Does this replace the Global Variables Driver? If I update this will I need to update anything in the app? My Global Variables Driver is 1.0.2 and my Welcome Home App is 2.0.2. I also use Departures App which I think also uses the Global Variables Driver.

This is working great. I love it, but my family are freaking out a bit (I track everyone via google wifi through virtual switch in HE, works great with 1 min delay).

anyone gone all out on randomising the messages? I have 3 (i wouldnt call that all out but a start)

%greeting%. Welcome back %name%; %name% %has_have% arrived, welcome!; Well hello %name%!;

Yes, just copy the code and overwrite the Global driver. It should update the name in Welcome home but open up the app to make sure.

Nope, Departures doesn't use a device.


o yeah :smile:

%greeting%. Welcome home %name%. %name% %is_are% here.;%greeting%. What’s up %name%. %name% %is_are% joining the party.;%greeting%. Where have you been hiding %name%. %name% %is_are% gracing us with their presence.;%greeting%. Nice to have you back %name%. %name% %is_are% showing up.;%greeting%. What’s cooking %name%. %name% %is_are% blowing in.;%greeting%. It’s been ages since I have seen you %name%. %name% %is_are% in the house! Ooo oooo.;%greeting%. Greetings and salutations %name%. %name% %is_are% joining the party.;%greeting%. Anything I can do for you %name%. %name% %is_are% popping in.;%greeting% I'm at your service %name%. %name% %is_are% dropping anchor.;%greeting%. What’s happening %name%. %name% %is_are% in the house ooo. Oooh.;%greeting%. How’s it hanging %name%. %name% %is_are% crashing the party.;%greeting%. Long time no see %name%. %name% %is_are% appearing.;%greeting%. Look who's home. it's %name%. %name% %is_are% breezing in.;%greeting%. Roll out the red carpet for %name% . %name% %is_are% popping in.;%greeting% %name%.;%greeting%. What’s cookin %name%. %name% %is_are% home.;%greeting%. How are you doing %name%. %name% %is_are% home.;%greeting%. Howdy do %name%. %name% %is_are% in the house.;%greeting% What’s shaking %name%. %name% %is_are% making the scene.;%greeting%. How is everything %name%. %name% %is_are% joining the party.;%greeting%. It's a pleasure to meet you %name%. %name% %is_are% blowing in.;Look what the cat dragged in, it’s %name%. %greeting%.


ha that is awesome. thank you!

is anyone able to use more than 5 presence sensors? I ask as cause I can track people who use my wifi by setting up virtual presence device, i'd like to welcome guests who arrive so 5 is limiting (tho awesome just an idea)

Thanks! I really do love both your apps! They work very well and easy to setup!

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I love hearing how people use my apps. This is an awesome use! It would take some serious work to get more than 5 but I'll look into it.


yeah it kind of seemed natural to me but not all have google wifi (it's so cool they have ifttt for it at least)

New versions on Github...

V2.0.4 - 09/11/19 - Now handles up to 20 friendly names

V2.1.2 - 09/11/19 - Lot's of code changes, now handles up to 20 presence sensors/friendly names

V1.0.4 - 09/11/19 - Now handles up to 20 people

Be sure to update all 3.

Another update...

V2.1.3 - 09/11/19 - Found a section I forgot to update!

will update. I have two child versions. with different sensors in each. But when someone comes home it announces that fine but then announces another person has arrived who has not.

20 friendly names added! awesome

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Well, I guess it's time to let the secret out.... I'm almost done with a huge rewrite that combines Welcome Home, Departures and Depart - Arrivals, PLUS adds a bunch of new stuff! :grin:

Just about every section of code has been modified or completely rewritten. I'll put something out later today and then go back to adding more new stuff!

Be on the lookout for 'Home Tracker'! :wink:


Have an Idea for welcome home or the new hometraker. I would like a device that i can send announcements to like "the dog feeder is low, fill it", "the lawn needs watered", "the laundry finished when you were gone" , "it's trash day" and then when welcome home runs be able to pull queued messages and send them all to google home TTS. so when i get home I hear a list of things I need to take care of.

I know i can just send said notifications to the hubitat app. BUT it's way cooler to have my house talk to me!! and I tend to forget if I do not do the task at the time of the notification.

This app is is no longer available.

Please try the new Home Tracker which has replaced it.

Thank you.

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