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  1. v1.8 is from Dec 2018! Things have changed a lot since then. Please show me a screenshot of how you have it setup.

  2. Color settings were confusing, often not setup and caused errors, never quite worked right. To adjust the color setting in the new version, edit the child app and scroll almost to the bottom. You'll see the color settings.


See attached, thanks.

Okay, perfect.

  • Only logging/cosmetic changes were made to the part of the code that handles Fast Color Changes.
  • Anytime several lights are selected, there is a slight delay in each turning on because they are turned on 1 at a time. There is no way for this app to turn on more than 1 light at the same time. Again, nothing here has changed, that's the way it has always been.
  • The 1 light at a time isn't just this part of the app but goes for any lighting field that you choose more than 1 light. It whips through the list as fast as the hub will do it but again, it's one light at a time.

Hope this helps

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Okay, got it. Thanks. In the previous version of the app, it seemed to be more consistent and change them all at the same time. I was able to change the colors - had to change them in three places - the definitions towards the bottom, but also midway under slow color and fast color where it identifies the checkbox options. Thanks!

adding child I get
No signature of method: Script1.definition() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap) values: [[name:Lighting Effects Child, namespace:BPTWorld, author:Bryan Turcotte, ...]]

did I copy something wrong?

Did you install both parent and child apps?

It is highly recommended to use the Hubitat Package Manager to install my apps.


Hey @bptworld I've got some unusual behavior happening. I've got some Lightify path lights and for some reason, the lighting effects won't set them blue. I've tried "blue" and "navy" and the colors are skipped. If I set it to red, white and blue, it does red, white, holds on white, then goes to red. Any ideas? I am able to set the individual light devices to blue via their device settings.. but not in the app.

Doesn't skip them... just doesn't display them properly. :wink:

From the 1st post...

  • This app is designed to work with Hue bulbs, any other brand may or may not work as expected. Especially the color options. If the color is not what you are looking for, you will have to edit the child app and replace the color values to work with your devices.

I was able to get blue to work by modifying the child app and adding a line to specify the saturation for the blue color in the "sendcolor" function as such:
case "Blue":
hueColor = 70
saturation = 100

I noticed it was only changing the hue without saturation or level, so gave I a shot. Now why it only affected blue, who knows, but I got it working!

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@bptworld With the color changing modes, is there a way to set a max light level other than 100%?

added to the list

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Thanks man. Love what you do. Love this app especially.

New version on GitHub...

2.0.3 - 08/16/20 - Added Light Level to Fast_Color_Changing & Slow_Color_Changing, other changes


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Fantastic! Enjoy the PayPal nugget... and Thanks.

Thank you, always appreciated!

HI @bptworld nice job, There is an option to pause the app? I make some tests to Halloween, now I want to pause.

Thanks. I hadn't updated that one yet to have the app control options, so I just did it real quick (might not work, lol).

New version on GitHub...

2.0.4 - 08/28/20 - Added App Control options


I tried to use this, and it works fine. But after some time, I will get an issue where my Z-wave stops working almost completely until I reboot the HE, or same with Zigbee. Logs overflowed etc. It seems that it's just too overwhelming. I think I could most likely just make it change the bulb every 30 seconds or a minute. but I would like to make a disco. I am going to assume that might just not be possible.

This is right in the 1st post under 'Important Information'.

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dohh.. my bad. opps.

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