[CODE FREEZE] Event Watchdog - Keep an eye on what's important in the Event log


Yesterday I changed all my Aqara drivers from veeceeoh drivers to the newer ones from that topic:

And now I have problem with Event Watchdog. It records all events (even lastCheckin).
Could you please help to find where is a problem?

It is a log from my Garage gate contact sensor from 9:20:

And here is the current state of Event Watchdog:
ostatnie zdarzenia

Configuration below:

Log below:

Could you please help?

According to your log, a door was closed @ 9:20.

I don't see any issue with the info you provided.


It wasn't closed. It is only "lastCheckin" log. Nobody opened/closed the door at 9:20.

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New version on Github....

Big changes to the driver. After updating, be sure to open each child app and hit 'Done'.

Done. But nothing changed.

Look at the screenshots below.
My window in bedroom (Okno w sypialni) lastCheckin at 13:24. Nobody closed or opened the window then but Event Watchdog added it to eventData.
I also attach screenshot with log.
And one more thing - the names of the sensors are missing. Look at bpt-eventData - "contact was opened" but I don't know which contact.

New version on GitHub...
1.1.0 - 01/03/21 - adjustments, added 'Device Name' toggle

Be sure to use the new toggle if you need the device name displayed in the message. Also be sure to go into EACH child apps and hit 'Done'.

This seems to be another issue with those drivers. First issue is that Markus decided to not use the Hubitat standard 'Last Activity At'. Which screwed up a lot of apps, including my Device Watchdog. This was brought up on his 'other' forum and he decided not to fix it, stating other reasons for doing so.

Now it seems something is also wrong with the way it reports changes to the event stream. I doubt there is anything I can do but let me look into it a little bit.


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Ok thank you.

I saw that topic on his forum.
Please let us know when you are sure that nothing more can be done.


Any news?
I thought about your app and how about trying not to check the event log but let user to choose exactly which sensors your app should monitor.
And then check the state named "contact" of every device which was chose by the user.

What do you think?

On Markus drivers? No, it's up to him to make his drivers HE compliant. I personally don't use any of his drivers any longer.

I use the drivers from this post...

That's not what this app does. There are others that do this though. Look at Device Watchdog or Device Check Plus

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Do they have a feature which creates a list with time?
I just still want to have an events list with at least 10-15 last events...


Bryan, I see you pulled this app from HPM last December (I just now noticed, has been crazy the past few months for me). Was that intentional? I see there is a discussion for the related Log Watchdog that implies it is intentional. For the record I enjoyed using this app. I had some problems with it, namely it would not reconnect after a reboot or major changes. But I enjoyed using it even with those problems.

Life (and health) definitely has a way of changing priorities. It's still available on my GitHub but it is not being updated at this time. If it works for you, keep on using it!

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Understood. Good luck fighting life's battles.

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