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@bptworld, I'm fairly new to Hubitat and have been checking out Device Sequencer, which works nicely for sequential power-up, and I want to use it via a virtual switch that can be invoked from Google Home. What would be the best way to effect the following:

  • When switch is turned on, devices power up in the order A - B - C
  • When switch is turned off, devices power down in the order C - B - A

The use case is for controlling a stereo system, where the On sequence should be source-preamp-amp, while the Off sequence should be amp-preamp-source. Will this require RE to deal with the on/off conditionals? Or is there another way to finesse it? Thanks!

Welcome to Hubitat!

So you need it run in reverse order?

New version:

2.0.4 - 11/14/20 - Added Reverse order on off option

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Damn Bryan - you’re a coding machine! It took less than 25 minutes from @john21’s request to your putting a new version on GitHub!!


lol, timing is everything. Besides, it was a very easy change. :wink:


Wow, it works!

One thing I notice.

  • I have 5 secs between Groups 1 and 2, and 1 sec between the devices in Group 2;
  • The startup sequence times perfectly;
  • However, while the order of the shutdown sequence is correct, the devices power off in rapid order.

For my use case, I'd like to build in a little buffer between power-off events. Can your code be tweaked to use the inter-device startup timing variables during the shutdown sequence?


Yup, looks like I missed this part. Give it another try.

New version:

2.0.5 - 11/14/20 - Adjustment

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Perfectamundo, bro!

Thanks very much!!

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