[Code Freeze] BI Control - Local Blue Iris control

Nope, I just added it to my list of things to do.

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I have a motion sensor in hubitat, but BI Control has no option for selecting it?
its a

philips hue sensor

Added to the list

what do you mean adddd to the list?

I added it to my list of things to do.

I just started using this hubitat hub 3 days ago from amazon, I thought for sure it would help me integrate this motion sensor that I got from bestbuy store, this is really starting to get expansive and not working for my needs to cut out false alarms.
is theres any other way to get this working before I bring back all this stuff to the store?

I also followed your instructions here;

  • In Rule Machine:
    • 'Create New Rule', 'Define a Trigger', 'Name the Trigger'
    • 'Select Trigger Events', 'Select capability' = 'Local End Point'
    • Note: you will need the 'Local End Point URL' in Blue Iris
    • 'Select Actions' to do whatever you like!
  • In Blue Iris
    • Select the Camera to use as a Trigger then 'Right Click' and select 'Camera Properties'.
    • Select 'Alerts' and then check-off 'Post to a web address...' and then click 'Configure'
    • Under the heading 'When Triggered', make sure that "Http://" is selected
    • Then next to that box, put in the 'Local End Point' URL from Hubitat. Note: do not include the Http:// ... just start with the ip address. (ie.
    • Click 'OK' and your done!

I'm able to select the motion sensor but I'm not able to get this to work in blue iris

Would need more information. What doesn't work?, do you have any logs?. What version on BI are you using?

New version on GitHub...

2.1.0 - 08/24/20 - Added Motion as trigger, added Reboot command

Be sure to go into each child app and check your settings as some things have changed.

Reboot command may or may not work for you particular camera. Let me know how it goes.


These instructions allow the camera to be used as a motion detector in Hubitat for HSM, Motion Lighting, or other rules. I use this method to control outdoor lighting and to speak in the house when there is a person on the driveway when we are home and to send a text when we are not.

However, it sounds like your trying to go the other way and want to add regular PIR motion sensors to use as triggers for your cameras you should be able to use a Rule Machine rule to send a "http://[BIServerIP]:[Port]/admin?trigger&camera=[ShortCamName]&user=[BIUserName]&pw=[BIPassword]" on a PIR motion sensor going active (as long as you've disabled the use secure session keys and login page on the advanced webserver settings in BI), this should cause a motion detected recording to occur with the settings you have in BI.

Although I'd suggest that you'd get better results using the free DeepStack and AITool combo to only get alerted when people are detected in the camera frame, you can search for free-ai-person-detection-for-bi to find documentation on setting it up (the directions may look long, but it's really pretty quick and easy once you have one camera setup and working). Or there is also the paid service built in to BI called Sentry AI which works just as well and is much easier to setup as all you really need to do is check a box per camera and start a subscription.


wow you are awsome, after the; disabled the use secure session keys it started working!!!

so happy ... you don't understand how happy you made my day!!! thank you thank you!

Glad you got it working.

Reboot is not working for any of my cameras. I know it will work with my cameras as I use an http command off of a virtual switch to do it currently.

whats the command that you are using?


Hmmm, that's exactly what I'm using too.

I'll look into it.

New version on GitHub...

2.1.1 - 08/27/20 - Round 2 on Reboot command

Please provide debug log if this doesn't work for you.


working now, thank you very much.
What else do you have on the list? Any plans to import the motion from a cam to a virtual motion sensor?

For BI Control, nothing on the list. As stated in the first post, BIC is one way, HE to BI. There is a work around though... also in the first post. :sunglasses:

Hello, was wondering if you could add in 1 more feature, the ability to switch profiles on individual cams. So switch on would set the cam to a profile and then switch off would set the cam back to the global profile. Below is what I am using to currently do this.

profile 1

back to global

added to the list

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I updated my BI server from Windows 10 1909 to 2004 two nights ago and yesterday noticed that my BI server running ver was no longer sending the MQTT commands when motion was triggered even though all other alerting was working and if I pasted the same command into a web browser and pressed enter it triggered my Hubitat virtual motion as expected so I updated to the latest release of BI and tested again and now my MQTT works again.

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