[Code Freeze] BI Control - Local Blue Iris control

I just tested this in BI5 and the triggers are working correctly, I assume you are using a Local End Point in your rule?


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I just realized I got this backwards so I tested it again by creating a camera trigger in BI Control. When I turned on the virtual switch it started recording in BI so I can confirm this is working in both directions.

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Thanks all .. i am still having no luck making it work, BI does have a checkbox for logging everything but i am not finding that log. I have to assume the server is getting the command from Hubitat but for whatever reason not acting on it. The hubitat logs look clean.

Does the BI user you are using have admin rights?

Yes it does.

I also see the login in BI log
10 10/5/2019 4:37:55 PM hubitat Login

Are you sure it's not working? The trigger does not show as an alert in BI, but it does show as a clip.

Positive .. no alert in the console and no new alert file created for this camera. Tried all the short cam names just to verify and none work.

Did you check to see if a new clip was added? Again, you will not see anything as an alert.

Yes even checked for a new file creation on the disk and there is no new file in my folder. Just in case BI was not displaying the clip in the history.

Hmmm.... I'm not sure what the problem is. Let me do some more digging and I'll get back to you

Some more research on my side and i can tell you the command is making it to the BI server .. i can even go to the page that hubitat calls and i get the following return from the site, yet still no files created or clips made...

camera=Front Door

Try going into your BI Control Child app code and comment out line 516 and re-enable line 517.

After doing this you should see the alert in your timeline.

Beautiful .. even get the popup from BI on my phone. THANK YOU

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No problem, but all the thanks should go to Bryan.

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First of all, thanks @bptworld for this app! I have trigger actions set to send a notification to my phone, which I find way faster and more reliable than BI's text notifications. But is there a way to get a pic from the BI trigger into this HE notification?

Not with BI Control. This is in the first post...

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Are you taking feature requests? I'd love to be able to specify a profile change delay for each of the BI profiles when using Mode control. I want to be able to, for example, specify a 10 second delay for entering Profile 2, so that some automatons I also have linked to the mode change have time to run before the profile changes.

I know I could set this up with virtual switches and control BI that way, but I love the ease of the Mode control-- I'm just looking for a per-profile delay.

Interesting, I'll take a look soon.


New version on GitHub...

V2.0.1 - 12/07/19 - Added a delay command option, code cleanup, cosmetic changes

Wow that was fast. Thanks!!

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