CocoHue Remotes Not Working! Has Hue Done Something?

@bertabcd1234 Not sure what is happening but all of my remotes that are on the hue bridge and are also selected in the CocoHue App do not appear to be working. I have 7 remotes in the bridge and in CocoHue and none of them will turn on and off any lights. These remotes worked last night with no problems. Has Hue done something in their App??

Here is a shot from Live logs when I push one of the buttons.

app:582023-08-03 06:36:20.364 PMdebug Setting Bridge status to Online...

app:582023-08-03 06:36:20.042 PMdebugRunning getBridgeData()...

app:582023-08-03 06:36:20.026 PMdebugrefreshBridge(reschedule = null)

app:582023-08-03 06:36:11.106 PMdebugsetEventStreamOpenStatus(true)

app:582023-08-03 06:36:11.076 PMdebugsetEventStreamOpenStatus(true)

app:732023-08-03 06:36:10.168 PMinfoToggling: [Office OH Light]

app:582023-08-03 06:36:10.102 PMdebugsetEventStreamOpenStatus(true)

app:582023-08-03 06:36:10.083 PMdebugsetEventStreamOpenStatus(true)

Is there anyone out there that uses the Hue remotes in the Hue App and also uses the CocoHue App? Need to know if the remotes are working correctly. Thanks

Something else I wanted to add was that it appears that the Hue Bridge is communicating with the HE hub because the HE hub did turn on lights (hue) it was supposed to so I know that part is working.

I not at home and won't have the ability to test this for several days. The first thing I'd do is check Logs for errors. As for Hue changes, you can look in the Hue app to see if any firmware updates have been applied to the Bridge recently that line up with your problem (though I don't think you can downgrade to test if that was it, so I guess that's more for curiosity). I see an update released July 29, but the only changes noted for that plus the last several versions are "performance and reliability," so I wouldn't expect anything breaking. Perhaps someone else who uses this feature can see in the meantime if it works for them...

Thanks. I have tried everything I can think of but no luck. There was a firmware update a week ago or so but they were working 2 days ago so I am at a loss.

How are the remotes connected? I assume you have them connected to the Hue Hub, but have program them with button controller in Hubitat? I just tested my Tap Dial and it is working fine.