Cloud unavailable, rules and echos not working - I’ve contacted customer service and they haven’t responded

Cloud unavailable. I’m having trouble connecting to the cloud my rules and echos are not working with hubitat. I’ve contacted customer service and they haven’t responded . I’ve rebooted my device but it still the same ???

Google Home is working as are my cloud-based dashboard links (in Northern Virginia). Are you seeing anything that appears to be a more widespread network issue?

There are no cloud outages. Are you home to check if you have internet connection?

I lost power a couple of days ago and now I can’t connect to my dashboards I can connect locall but that’s it ?

Ok, then it’s not a Hubitat problem. You could have DNS or routing problems, or a problem with your switch or router.

First thing I would check is if the internal clock didn't drift while the power was out. Go to Settings >> Hub Details, then click Update Time from Browser.

Amazon Alexa was down earlier today here in the Northwest. But it seems to be back up now. (Mentioning because OP said Echos weren't working.)

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I did that also . It’s still showing cloud not available.

There is one more thing that can prevent the hub from connecting to the cloud on our side. If this doesn't work, the problem may really be local.

Try going to the following page:


Replace hubip with your hub's actual IP address.

I figured it out . When I lost power my hub was connected to my modems IP instead of my router’s IP . Thanks