Cloud not loading to mobile app

My cloud dashboard is not loading to mobile app, is there a status to the hubitat cloud itself? Any repair suggestions?

Just verified my cloud dashboard pulled up successfully. You may try force closing the app and reopening it. Is your dashboard available locally?

Yes can use it local on my computer, phone and ipad. Nothing once I go off network.

So all 3 devices do not work when you try connecting to your hub from the cloud? I just verified with my cell disconnected from my WiFi and controlled my door lock.

On the local dashboard on the computer the message window in upper right corner has a 1 in the icon. Clicking on it gets a message of: System Messages

Cloud connection is unavailable.

Have you tried rebooting your hub? Any recent changes to your network?

rebooted hub a few times and router as well.

Working now all of a sudden. Thanks.

Glad you got it sorted.