Cloud dashboard never updates automatically

I have a dashboard configured for my wife and I to use from our phones. It's using the cloud link (not sure if legacy or not). I always have had to manually refresh it. For example, I arm HSM and the tile still says disarmed until I refreshed.

Does it update if you point it directly at HE instead of the cloud? What about using the app?

I posted this many moons ago but no replys.
If I look at the Dashboard on my phone, even locally, and lock my phone or do something else I have to always hit the tick box to get a current view when I pull up that app.
It would be nice if the app saw the it's screen come to focus and just sent out a Refresh command ATM.
I'm on Android 12.


Where do you find that at? I've been all through the app and the dashboards app, and I don't see it.

In the dashboard you will see a green check, click on that and it will refresh the dash


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Ahh OK. I've seen that, I didn't realize it was actionable. I was looking in settings.