Cloud Connection unavailable?

Cloud connection unavailable ? Anyone else have that issue right now ?

Well, itโ€™s been 6 hours since you asked... But Iโ€™m not seeing this issue with my Dashboard. Everything is working fine.

Any inputs on how this could be fixed. because of cloud connection unavailable the app cannot be used. The IP address seems to have changed. Rebooting has not helped. Any suggestions ? Thank you in advance

This is not something I have ever seen, but if I had to figure it out, I would start by checking the following:

  1. Is my hub properly registered with Hubitat? (Settings โ€”> Hub Registration โ€”> Hubitat Portal)
  2. Am I able to access the hub via a web browser? (http://hubitat.local/)
  3. Why has the IP changed...? I would check to ensure DHCP has a reserved IP for the hubโ€™s MAC address
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  1. I do see that my hub is registered
  2. I can also access the hub via a web browser http://hubitat.local
  3. I feel the IP which i was using earlier seems to have changed as i can access the hubitat on a different ip locally.

However the app on mobile is not accessible. And i see the error cloud connection is unavailable.

Should i delete the yourHubIP/hub/cloud/deleteCloudRegistration and point to the new IP would it fix this. Thank you for your inputs

I posted a week or so ago with the same problem. I was randomly losing connection with the Hubitat cloud even though I could access it locally. The problem would show up and intermittently connect and then disconnect. Other times it would work with no problems for days and then start up again. My problem appears to have been caused by two things. First I installed a new Synology RT2600. For some reason using this router it was causing my internet provider seemingly block my hub(s) access from reaching not only the Hubitat cloud but all access. I could reboot the hubs and they would start working again, but shortly after lose connection. I KNOW THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM CAUSED BY HUBITAT because the same thing was happening to a Raspberry Pi. Sometimes both my hubs were blocked as well as my Raspberry Pi, other times it may only effect one of two of the devices. All the other devices, computers, tablets, cellphones, Ruku all run with no interruptions. I spent weeks trying to figure out why but eventually reinstalled my original router. I know the problem is not specifically with the Synology router because hooking up my original router I continued to have intermittent problems as described for about 20 minutes before retuning to normal, which it has been for over a weeks now. So something was happening on the provider's side that was actually blocking access. I don't know if the hub(s) and my Pi were doing something the ISP thought was a security issue blocking those devices. My ISP is AT&T.

I don't think that will do anything.

I think you have other networking issues, possibly some spam or DDOS prevention software in the router?

I have the same problem in my network and I do have an IPS system running. Can you tell me which ports are needed to make this cloud connection happen?


It doesn't require any ports open.... In fact Hubitat blocks against port redirection for security. If you are able to get to yourhubip on your local browser, in your app go to settings>>select hub and see if it's showing up there.

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In your phone while not connected to wifi, in the hubitat app click settings, then select hub and see if it's there. If so select it. At that point note your hub ip locally, go into your router (or what ever is providing DHCP for you) and reserve the address so it doesn't change on you again.

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