Cloud connection unavailable

Trying to update my C8 to the latest build, when I click on the notification icon it says cloud connection unavailable and won’t find the update. This hub is on my Wi-Fi with my other C7’s, and they are not throwing this alert. Is anyone else having the same issue?

Not a known issue specific to C-8 hubs. However, there have been several incidents reported. The majority have been traced to local network issues, while others to hub's networking settings. One thing to check is the hub's time. That would certainly prevent the hub to connect to the the cloud. Other things to try is DNS settings.

Here is another similar recent thread. There are others, too, if you search the community:

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If the hub doesn't see the cloud, try going to Settings - Network setup - Override DNS settings, putting,,,, in the text box, and clicking Override DNS settings button. It changes from Clear once there is a list of servers present.