Cloud connection not working after upgrading to C8

I upgraded to a C8 hub a few weeks back. I don't access my dashboards outside of my LAN very often but noticed a while ago that I could not access when off my LAN. Get message "No response from hub"
Nothing has changed on the router side but even still I rebooted my router and verified settings. I have addresses reserved for my hubitat and that is what they are set at. I have rebooted my Hubitat multiple times (as well as the router). Checked that the date is set correctly. Verified I can get to other devices from outside my LAN like my garage door opener and security cameras so it seems my router is still letting access in. I have gone through the community pages but nothing has helped so far. When I am on the LAN everything is normal. I can log into the HUB and the dashboards work fine. Now I can't say that this problem is tied exactly to when I upgraded to the C8 but that is the only thing that has changed and I noticed the issue within a few weeks of the swap. I can do cloud backups with no issue.
Am I missing something?

Are you set static or on DHCP? This is likely a DNS issue. Set your hub for DHCP and do a reservation in your router instead. If doing that manually doesn't work, press the network reset switch on the bottom of the hub for 7 seconds with a toothpick or paperclip. (It will be the only round hole out of all the square ones).

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I have my Hubs set to DHCP and the address reservation is done on my router. I did get the issue fixed though not 100% sure what was the resolution. I have a 2 hub setup in a mesh configuration (2 separate buildings tied together via network cable. Anyway, I was thinking..... wonder if I could access the other hub (C7) from outside my LAN. Switched things over and selected the other hub and had no issues pulling up the dashboard on my phone outside my LAN. Then I went and switched back to the problem C8 hub. It said it found 2 devices when trying to switch (i have 2 iPhone entries in my devices) Anyway, I selected one of them and now I am able to get to the dashboard outside my LAN. I went in and deleted the duplicate iPhone entry out of the devices and it is still working. Not really sure if this selecting or deleting did anything but it is now working and I will take it. Thanks

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