Cloud Based App Management for Hub

Is it on the roadmap to have a cloud-based hub management? I don't think a person would need an app. The beautiful simplicity of the Hubitat web interface works well when viewing from a phone (which is my main view into the hub). The convenience of being able to make changes to my Apps while away from my local network would be wonderful. Logs would be useful for debugging Apps, but not necessary. I know that everything runs local, which is great, but having the Apps sync to the cloud and back again would be useful.

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I just installed a local VPN server in my NAS, now I can access HE from my phone when I'm not at home, I was opening and closing a port with a DDNS to access remotely but that was very insecure, the VPN is much better option.

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Cloud-based Management?? I sure hope not.

Hubitat has said that the mobile app will be targeting the operation of the home not the admin of the hub and it's devices, apps and automations. They intend(ed) that the Admin side be local, as it is today.

I subscribe to that view. For me, I do not want uninitiated to have forced access to the admin side. ST does this. You open the app and the first thing you get is options to add devices, etc. Ugh.

I too installed a VPN, (well, truthfully I've had it for years,) to get access to my gear remotely. I believe that's part of "the best methodology."


Speaking on behalf of the “Idiot” demographic (I am the only member btw), the beauty of HE is the lack of cloud management. There are too many hoops for me to jump through to get remote access, and that’s a good thing. I am away from home a majority of the time and take comfort in knowing that if everything was working when I left, it’ll be working when I get home four weeks later. As much as I’d love to try new features as they are released, I know I’d screw something up and have to answer to the Boss. Hasn’t been an issue since February!


+1 for VPN if you need remote access. I'd rather not tempt the devil.


VPN to my home network is done.