Cloned Rule: incorrect in-use-by


Hubitat Rule machine 4

Created rule to notify when device "my phone" was home.

Cloned rule, renamed "wife phone" and edited device from my phone to be "wife phone"

Both rules work as expected.

However, looking at device details of "my phone" it is listed as in-use-by BOTH notify rules (wife and my phone)

Wife phone is only in-use-by wife phone notify rule.

Looked at details of "settings" for wife phone rule and my phone is listed as i rDev1 capability ????

Seems like cloning/editing not working as I would expect.

Do you have your old phone still listed under “Conditions” within the new rule? You can go to “Manage Conditions” and delete the old phone if it is not used by the rule anymore. That will also take card of the In Use By within the device

Thanks for reply

No, my phone was unselected and wife phone selected in Rule making template.

Rule is

Trigger presence wife phone arrives

Action to run speak on google home “wife is home”

No “my phone” visible anywhere in rule view or trigger view (only wife phone)

Only in “settings” view does wife rule show my phone, not wife phone as I would expect

Something is not right

Re edited rule

Forced unselect wife phone then reselect wife phone then save
Then exit trigger then force update rule.

Only shows wife phone in rule view

STILL shows my phone in settings view and in-use-by

I bet a brand new rule for wife phone would just show wife phone, problem was this rule was cloned from my phone and can’t seem to get switched to wife phone

This is harmless except that you're bothered by it. When you deselect a device in a rule, it doesn't delete the corresponding setting. That's why you still see your phone in the wife rule settings. That setting then shows up in the In Use By list.

In and of itself, this has nothing to do with cloning. It has to do with deselecting a device in a rule and that not removing a setting.

Seems like sloppy syntax editing to me

It's not related to syntax editing. It has to do with how deselection of things is handled. While it would be theoretically possible to keep track of every selection made in a rule, and then diligently go through and remove all settings related to the object that was deselected, this would be a huge undertaking affecting hundreds of lines of code. This in turn would directly affect the efficiency of the app, as it has to load every time it runs. And all of this effort for what? The cosmetics of the settings in app settings and In Use By? It is purely cosmetic, and has no impact on how your system works. 'Fixing' it would have a negative impact on how your system works.


Is there a workaround for manually removing old device settings from cloned rules?

I use the "In Use By" to help me find what's making a device misbehave. I've been going a little rule crazy.

Thank you!