Clone Rule behavior with Private Boolean

It would be cool feature (or bug fix) if when cloning a rule that sets a private boolean that the new rule auto-changes the private boolean to This Rule.

currently the cloned rule references the source rule's private boolean.

That was fixed.

hmm, that was back in february though.. i'm on which is july... .139 is also july, so i am several releases past that comment

This is fixed in 2.3.3, now in beta. Ha, at least I think it is.


I thought it was fixed, I guess I have not done it since.

oh, the key is "fixed in the next release for Rule 5.1 rules"

I am cloning 5.0 rules. not clear if that's supposed to be fixed or depreciated.

Rule 5.0 has not been touched for some time, so this probably is not fixed for it.


I don't have many 5.0 rules-- and all of them are just clones of each other. i doubt i'll need any more. probably not worth a fix.