Clicking on text notifications doesn't expand them, but launches app

As SMS has been removed in the latest update, I've moved over to sending text notifications to the mobile app running on our phones. But if the notification that arrives on the phone is long, only part of it shows, and clicking on it launches the Hubitat app, but rather than showing the rest of the notification message, it shows the Dashboards screen. Is there a way to get it to show the full message when clicked?

Yeah, I want to know as well but for now If you are on Android. You can create a notification log wiget as follow.

  • long-press home screen
  • press widgets
  • drag the "Settings" 1x1 widget on your screen
  • choose "Notification log"

Thanks. That widget is not available on Samsung phones for some reason. I have installed NotiStar, which is a Samsung app that shows a notification log. But it's not ideal to have to start that up, but ok as a workaround.

You have to expand the notification by dragging it open, not clicking on it. it's an android basic function.

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Thanks Ryan. We've been so used to just clicking on text/viber/whatsapp messages to read them, that we never realised you can just drag them open. Duh!

Oddly it doesn't work with the GeoFence debug logging messages, which stay truncated and won't drag, but can live with that.