Clickable hyperlinks in app notifications

As an authenticated app user, I want to click on URLs in notifications and have my phone load the URL.

I'm using Twilio for SMS notifications (which works well but has some personal downsides) b/c of the lack of this feature. Here is my use case:

I want to receive a notification to my phone which asks me if I want to change a switch setting at home. Ideally, this notification could include a link to either a webhook or a dashboard link, and I could click it to take further action.


I’m a wee bit confused by this. Since you create the notification, couldn’t you craft it to contain whatever you want?

I don’t think the HE mobile app allows the user to include a tappable hyperlink. On iOS at least, tapping the notification just brings the app to the foreground.

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You can make it contain anything, yes, but the link isn't clickable. Seeing this message isn't helpful:

"You're away but in guest mode. Set away actions by clicking: 7353-2084-3602-0585-5543"

I need to be able to click the link (the actual URL here is fake, of course).

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Right. That's the issue (and what I'd love improved).

Same on Android - which is lousy. You can bring up the notification in the app, but it takes an extra step (something that would also need to be improved upon).

I like the idea, and have been meaning to try and set something similar up myself. Perhaps not so much a URL, but notifications with actions, like accept and dismiss, etc. If you are willing to spend the time, you may be able to achieve the outcome with Tasker and one or two Tasker plugins. There is a topic around here somewhere that describes this, which I started to play with. The Tasker path is definitely not for everyone, and having built in options would be a great addition.

Does Pushover allow this?

Pushover (at least on Android) can do this now. Not in a user friendly way but it can do this. I've been messing around with this on and off for a while. The only issue is remembering to add any device you want to control into makerAPI.


I believe so, for iOS too.

Twilio can contain URLs too but then it’s up to the phone OS to resolve it. Like @bptworld i tested with and it works. BTW this screenshot is my community Twilio driver so it looks a little different than the stock one, but this feature should be the same:

Then what it shows on my iOS device with clickable link:

The main challenge you will run into with SMS is the character limit of the message.

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I'd rather stick to the SMS route over that. My desire to have this work in the Hubitat mobile app is rooted in wanting fewer apps (mobile and on the Hub) and less complication. Would also mean setting this up for my s/o.

Yeah, this is what I'm doing now. I worded it funny, but my issues with Twilio aren't that this doesn't work, but has to do with some Twilio account policies (not texting the account number). Honestly, that's minor for me, ultimately this just seems like something that should be supported in the mobile app since that has become the "built in" method of pushing notifications from the hub.

Interesting quirk of using SMS, btw. Initially, I was going to use send a webhook URL in, so if I wanted to proceed I'd just click the URL. Easy, right? Most SMS clients now want to preview the link, which means the second my phone got the message, it would hit the webhook URL and the action would take place. This is why I switched it out for a dashboard with one button so it can act as a confirmation screen of sorts. No ones fault there, since that's not really the intended use of a webhook, but I thought it was funny.

I use email2sms, and I can click on URLs just fine. Also, I think the messages come in as MMS, so 1600 character limit.

The join api allows for texts. Also allows push notification with actionable buttons.

There is a small fee and Android only

There is a nice integration created by @stephack

Hmm, what do you use to send the email?

I use two ways:

  1. Email Notifications Driver using Node/sendmail on a PI - #29 by erktrek
  2. Directly using email nodes in NodeRED

And both work well. The first does take a little bit of work to setup, but it is a one time setup.



I would love to see 2 separate types of interactive notifications from the Hubitat app...

  1. Notifications that stay on your phone until you hit dismiss. (e.g., Remember to take out the trash. - don't want to accidentally dismiss that and then forget to take it out...)
  2. Notifications that have actionable buttons. (e.g., The garage door has been left open for 10 minutes. Would you like to close it? with "Yes" or "No" buttons.)