Click send for Texting

Has anybody looked into Clicksend for sending text messages?

I just peeked at it and I feel like that could add up $$ quickly. I can see this type of service being used by a company for communications needs, but I know I wouldn't use a service with a monthly fee or a pay as you use because I'd spend 10$ just troubleshooting issues with notifications.

I know there has been some talk on here about texting options. I just happened to run across it and wondered if anyone else had looked at it.

I don't believe there is a monthly fee unless you want a special phone number. Or at least that's the way I read it. And yeah one can run up a bill testing, but in normal use it wouldn't be bad.

But for those really needing a text option it is worth a look. I don't really need it myself.

EDIT: I thought another interesting thing about this, it also has voice call ability. I know some people really like getting a voice call for their alarm system.

Oh yes. that would be nice sometimes. We use a similar service for my work notifications if there are closures. I can see where that would be useful.

Twilio is directly supported by HE and it is quite inexpensive unless you go nuts with notifications. I use it with many other devices and services around the house and office as well.

When you say Twilio is directly supported by HE, where is that?

EDIT: Never mind. Found it.

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