Cleanest garage control rule(s)

Hi Everyone,

Looking for the most optimal way to write a rule to control my MIMO2 and contact sensors on my 2 garage doors. I also want to use presence to control their states.

-So if I walk into the garage and open one of the doors (presumably only one is open)
-Drive out and leave the geofence
-HE sees contact is open
-HE closes garage
-Then the same reversed when arriving home.

I have multiple users involved, which is when I started thinking this should be triggered rules and triggers. But now with Rules 4.0 I'm not sure. Also with the different conditions of the users being present or not my mind just kind of turned into mush on how best to do this. Would really appreciate any guidance - so that my rule doesn't turn into a giant circular reference.

You sure you want your garage to open when you enter the geo-fence? You could be a few blocks from your house when that happens. What if you're just driving by?


Fair point. I made the fence really small and I'm out pretty far, with few others around, so not all that concerned. But also technically if I drove into then out of the fence, it would open then close so nothing too terrible. I reserve the right to regret this decision later :grinning:

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