Clarification of repeat action


I believe the description for the repeat action needs to be clarified.

Example: I want a rule to repeat once every 10 minutes but I only want it to repeat 12 times and then stop. So in the repeat actions I configure it to:
Repeat every n minutes: 10
Repeat n times: 12


However, when I click done on this action the description of this repeat action gets me thinking that it will instead run 12 times every 10 minutes (in effect it will run every 50 seconds).


Can someone please clarify which interpretation of the repeat action is correct and would it be possible to get the wording in RM updated so that the interpretation of this is not ambiguous anymore?

Recurring event

No, this will repeat this action 12 times, once every 10 minutes. But this will only apply to the action. The rule will not be re-evaluated every 10 minutes. It will just continue to be triggered until the rule truth changes again. I posted on your other post a better way to accomplish re-evaluation every 10 minutes.