Circuitsetup Whole Home Energy Monitoring

Anyone using this? Looks like the ultimate energy monitoring setup:

Esp32 board so I presume it might be able to come through HubDuino somehow. Here's the Reddit thread on it. Looks super cool:

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I haven’t used Circuitsetup’s solution... But have have two IoTaWatt Energy Monitors running without any issues, and integrated into Hubitat.

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Nice, I like that. I just have an Aeon Home Energy Meter v1 - it sort of does the job. I need to play with it a little more, things have not been quite right.

Looks pretty low cost on the surface. Add the extra bits you need and the work to integrate it might make it less attractive. I have three v1 HEMs. I tried a Sense for a while and when I had both of them on the mains the $45 Aeotec v1 HEM reporting locally and easily integrated into HE, was only a few watts different from what the $250 Sense was reading and reporting to the cloud only, with no integration available other than IFTTT (unless I wanted to add other systems and sync the data back from their Cloud API).

How are you using it? One of mine tracks the mains, but the other two track three different appliances for running/completed states (one clamp is unused at the moment).

[Edit] I suppose $109 USD isn't bad and $6 USD for the case. For individual circuits, Dan's solution has always looked very good to me, and if you're in the US the price is much more attractive than getting that here in Canada.

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That's good to know they're somewhat in the same ballpark of accuracy. I have mine on the mains, but I just noticed it hasn't reported for 30 days so I need to check on it. My main goal is tracking usage in grafana. That helped me in the past when I discovered my cat had turned on the baseboard heating for a week. We didn't notice the heat but I noticed a large inexplicable spike in power.


Ah so it's dropped. I have all three on a C7 by themselves. No other Z-Wave on that hub. That's been very solid. I just take a peek every once in a while. I'm using an early version of Hubigraphs. Nothing fancy right now, but I plan to eventually track the use over time. Right now I just use that for realtime (The whole home unit reports every 5 seconds and the other two report every second) and for monthly checks I just login to the power company and look at what the smart meter reported.

I guess there's electricity in the air :wink:
I don't spend much time taking about electricity consumption and generation, but I've had four completely different conversations on the subject tonight. :upside_down_face:

Maybe the energy consumption addition to Alexa (which seems to be centered around estimates from only Hue bulbs at the moment) has it on people's minds :man_shrugging:

Anything marked as type 'Light' works. Hopefully they'll extend it to other types as we know what problems recategorizing plugs and switches can cause.

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They say that it works with these bulbs, plugs/outlets, thermostats, Aquanta water heater controller/leak sensors, and Hi Sense TVs.

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Ah, makes sense. I was looking at my HE connected devices, not thinking about directly connected ones.

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