Circle of geofence


I have a question about geofencing.

In hubitat I can select the size of the area in which a check is. Problem is, this circle is already too big for me in the smallest setting.

Can anyone give me a tip on how I can make it even smaller?

As an alternative, i have already thought of connecting a bluetooth device to hubitat and using it to enter the field.
But I don't know any device that I could use.

Thank you very much.


btw. sorry for the bad translation :wink:

Geofencing is not as accurate as you'd like it to be. The smallest I've been able to make it is one block radius. That seems to work well as it gives the system time to react. There is a margin of error with GPS, so even if you could make the boundary smaller, it probably wouldn't give you the results you were looking for. I believe the disclaimer on your gps is "accurate withing 20 meters". If you want to make your system more accurate as far as presence, find a way to integrate your wifi into determining presence. Along with gps, you'll have two ways to identify presence. Just a thought. At this point, I don't believe that bluetooth is an option for your hub. But, I'm not sure.


An excellent suggestion. I use @jwetzel1492's iPhone WiFi presence sensor - works with iOS and Android devices.

P.S. @Dirk - welcome to Hubitat!


Same here. The WiFI presence app along with jwetzel1492's Combined Presence made everything work great.

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Thank you very much for the quick feedback!
I have integrated the Wifi presence - works very well! - too good :wink:
My iphone logs into the network at irregular intervals. Whenever I don't use it for some time.
How can I prevent this?
Or should I combine the presence with another rule?

Because of the limitation of geofence. With me the radius is much larger than 20 meters - see picture :wink:

Sorry, I can't insert any pictures here :frowning:

I ended up making the circle bigger than the min. about 20% of the time I was opening the garage before the system registered I was inside the Geofence and it was setting my alarm off.

As suggested by @neonturbo, combine the iPhone presence sensor with some other way of detecting presence, and then use @jwetzel1492's Combined Presence.

This works really well for me ...

I am the opposite from OP. I wish I could make the HE geofence bigger. I want to use it to turn on AC as I am coming home but the HE maximum geofence is too small and the AC doesn't have time to cool the house much before I get home. For now, I am keeping my ST hub so I can use the larger geofence possible with it. I use HE geofence for modes/HSM and the ST for the AC. My ST geofence is approximately 5 miles.

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Thank you very much for that hint.
I'm trying to test it right now. I don't know what to do at the moment.


Our houses and the neighboring streets are very narrow. As you can see on the picture. That's why I want to make the circle even smaller.

Maybe wifi or something like the Smartthings presence fobs (combined or separately) would be a better setup for you.

For me, GPS was a battery killer and it didn't work in certain places like my office at all. I could kill the battery in a couple hours in that bomb shelter of an office. It was better to leave GPS off in case I needed the phone. So now I just permanently leave it off at this point unless I need directions while traveling or something.

Wireless in some ways worked better, and some ways worse. It's issue on my phone (and many others) was it shuts off the wireless after some time period of inactivity. If you set the phone down to eat dinner, watch TV, or whatever, it thought you left the house. Pick the phone up and you were instantly back home. It was annoying at night when it would wake up to do it's check in every couple hours and triggered "I'm now home" events. It was much more exact though because the wireless only went about 200 feet or so around the house. Hit the driveway, and you were "home" pretty consistently.

The Smartthings fobs combined with wireless was the best solution for me. I resisted buying yet another device for a long time, and they actually work very well. They are expensive in the sense you need one for everybody. I am saving money to get ones for all the cars so I can run automations depending on what car(s) left the garage.

I actually have all 3 presence methods set up in the combined presence app, but rarely use the geofence (or GPS in general). In theory it could trigger things if I wanted to though.

You're right, iPhone always goes into sleep mode and sporadically logs on to wifi. I already tested this and switched it off immediately :wink:

You mention something about "The Smartthings fobs" - which products do you mean? Can you name a few that work with Hubitat?

I bought (ordered actually) mine at Best Buy because I couldn't find these anywhere else a few weeks ago. My local store didn't stock them either. Amazon and Ebay didn't have any when I was looking. Not sure if anyone has them back in stock again.

Just tossing this out there and it's off topic, so not to make a huge discussion out of it, but would it be possible to link life 360 to it in some way that will do the same? Since you can set "places" that will notify you when you leave or arrive there?

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Top-notch suggestion. Want to add - there's a Life360 integration written by @bptworld (Bryan). I don't use it (the joys of being a loner), but if its anything like the rest of his apps, I'm sure it is terrific!

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Niiiice ... I'm so there!

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I apologize if I'm misinterpreting this - but I think the market is ripe for a Hubitat dating service. The world is a better place when you can wave your hand, the lights dim, and Barry White croons on the Sonos (and your date doesn't think you're a geek!) :joy:

(P.S. totally off-topic - sorry).


So I got around the WiFi sleep cycle by creating a virtual presence called Wifi that flips on as soon as the phone connects to my home wifi network. Thing is, it STAYS on no matter the sleep cycle of the phone. I use AWAY mode to turn the virtual presence WiFi off.

Couldn't you use Tasker AutoLocationt to set a larger geofence? Or set a geofence somewhere enroute that you pass through to then trigger Hubitat? I'm still REALLY really new and unsure with tasker, but seems like this should be doable with tasker.