Chromecast with Google TV - anyone have yet

I picked one of these up this am to compare with the Roku Stream+'s that I have. The best thing about it - Kodi works on it. (vs Plex on Roku for local content) So it has everything I need on one box (except Spectrum app, but I don't need that for long)

I was hoping to get remote to work with either configuring the buttonrs, or HDMI CEC with my Onkyo AV and Sony TV. I can get CDC to turn on/off the Onkyo but not the TV. Oh well.

Was curious if any integrations are in the works with HE.

Have pre ordered one here in australia, i think it's released on the 15th here. It will be replacing a Mibox that works ok but could be better. Hopefully i can get it to work with HE somehow.

I received mine today. Currently, I am able to control pause, play volume ect.. for some reason, power is not one of the options available to control...

I got three of them, replacing a Roku and two older Chromecast devices. Liking them so far.
The chromecast beta integration works pretty good. (Play/pause status not always quick to update)
And push tv app works nicely for pushover notifications.

Power should work. If not with cec it should have an ir option.

Do you have the chromecast connected to the TV and the tv hooked to the receiver through arc? It really should be able to turn everything off and on together.

I found it works best for me if I delete the specific brand commands and just have the 3 options set as default (cec)

I currently have it plugged into the AV receiver, then the AV receiver TV-out goes to an ARC HDMI.
I'll try moving it and see what happens. It's confusing if the device is straight to the tv, there isn't an HDMI signal out of the AV receiver...

For my Onkyo, programming the IR to the button will turn of the Onkyo, but it will not turn it back on. Volume up/down with with IR works fine.
Pressing Vol up/down on the HE device, the screen shows that this must be controlled via IR.

Did you compare the pictures quality? I'm watching the Chiefs game on youtube tv, and the quality on the Chromecast is terrible. It looks like a film or something. I switch back to the Roku Streaming Stick+ and its not even close.
My wife who barely cares about quality just said "What's wrong with the picture?" (on Chromecast) swapped it over to Roku, and she said Ok thats better.

I actually disconnected my Nvidia shield and replaced it with Google tv. I think the picture quality seems better, noticeably better. Sharper and more contrast. 4k hdr on Amazon prime looks much better too. It was an original shield (2015) if that makes a difference.

Oh....if you have color match turned on you might try turning that off. Something real off with that feature.

Do you mean under settings - Display - match content? That was already off. I tried turning it on. No difference.
The quality looks like I found a stream on reddit of something and watching through a browser. Its really bad. The Roku is broadcast quality. Unsure...

Yep, That's what I meant.
That is odd, I have three off them and I would say the picture is better than it was, replacing Nvidia Shield, Roku Premier, and Chromecast 3rd gen.

Turning "match content" ON fixed the color problem for me. See this link: Does the Picture Look Weird on Your Chromecast with Google TV? Here's a Fix « Gadget Hacks

I did turn that back on and tried. I also think my resolution was lower by auto settings. The chromecast was connected to a mesh point in the basement. Moving it to the closer one helped with keeping it 1080 for YTTV. Thanks