Chromecast Message clipping status, serial message timing crude

Looked at previous posts - don't see anything pulling this together.

Issues #1 - Chromecast Integration with Nest Hubs (with screen). Any/all Chromecast TTS messages sent have the first 2-3 seconds clipped off. This was posted as an issue last October, possibly earlier - has it been resolved. Is there a configuration workaround (Hubitat or Goggle Home)?

Issue # 2 - as part of a morning transition rule trying to have Chromecast (to a NEst Speaker) issue a verbal weather forcast - pulling data attributes from my Hubitat-integrated Tempest station. Unless I insert absurd delays between Speak commands in the rule, Chromecast just trips over itself and clips, omits or otehrwise mangles the serial communications. Any advice here from long-time users appreciated. I have a house-full of Goggle Home gear, would really like to exploit it for this kind of application. One line alarm statements are ok - it is the multiple serial messages that are the problem.

Many thanks. Love my Hubitat ecosystem...

Try putting a ! in front of the message...That tends to work for a lot of people. Be aware too Google just changed a lot of firmware for chromecast do to the loss in court to sonos, so not sure what issues that may cause for us yet.


Thanks. Given the quality of the Hubitat code, I figured it must me a Chromecast issue. Have tried the exclamation point trick - works, but the non-Hub Google Home/Next devices speak exclamation point. So need to differentiate messages to hubs vs. just speakers.

Is the Amazon infrastructure more reliable with respect to casting messages? If so, maybe I'll ebay the lot of GH stuff...

Appreciate the help...

When dealing with cloud based stuff it's always a crap shoot. A lot of people use alexa for announcements. I think from what I've seen here, Sonos is the more reliable overall. You can get Sonos with goole assistant built in and have the best of both worlds. (sonos is local for HE)

Thanks again - based on my research, Sonos does seem the best (albeit pricy) solution.
Appreciate the feedback.

I might have missed something in the previous posts but have you enabled this option on the HE Google drivers? It works for me though on some devices, it will say the word "wait" before the message.

Did not see that, as I did not need it before. Seems to work - thanks!

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The Hubitat Community Site always amazes me. I was having an issue with the TTS to Google Home was clipped. The ! exclamation point fixed my problem.
Thanks all!

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