Chromecast integration, Thanks HE Team!

I appreciate the offer, but don't bother. It should be a good learning experience to set it up myself. It's what I love about Docker. I can't break anything on my linux box....just delete the container and start over.

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All of those are going to be out of date unfortunately. There been some vast improvements in the latest version. It now holds it's own instance of PM2 so it's much easier to install and maintain.

If you start with a container that already has a version of node 8, you can save yourself a little time right there. After that it should be relatively easy to add the cast-web-api-cli package. The normal install instructions can be found here.

The necessary changes to the two drivers and service manager app can be found on github also. These are the ones I've been using for a while and they work very well.

Part of the reason that Cast-Web doesn't suffer from the same disconnect problems as other solutions, namely the native beta integration, is that there is a built in refresh that runs on the server every 5 minutes. It is extremely lightweight (I've noticed no network of hub performance issues) but it is just enough to keep the connection between the server and the GH device "alive" so that your TTS or MP3s play instantly with no queue issues.


Hey, @Ryan780 , thanks for these updated drivers and such...

I was just updating mine and figured I'd install these, and I noticed that the app wouldn't install.

It said unexpected token at line 24 "}"

It had a close brace, but no open brace. I'm no coder, but I compared to the original app code, and noticed the close brace, so I added one, then the issue becamee the lack of a ")" close parenthesis, so I added that, then it became "iconURL, iconX2URL, iconX3URL can't be blank," so I just took out my close braces and close parenthesis and C&P all of this from the original into the definition before the close brace:

iconUrl: "",
    iconX2Url: "",
    iconX3Url: "") {

And it worked.

Now, of course I'm not telling you this hackery should be done, and I'm sure it's not ideal...but just letting you know there was an issue with the app code that wouldn't allow it to be installed. Just a H-U. :blush::+1:

I will double check...obviously I had to copy/paste out of hubitat. I might have inadvertently missed something. Would be a lot easier to test if Hubitat had a native Github integration. Maybe some day.

Update: Ah...i see, I was taking out all the stuff that contained the SmartThings logos from the ST integration of the app. Didn't want to have any copyright infringement if I uploaded it under my name. :slight_smile: I will have to replace those with something else as I didn't know they were required. Will have to update later but for now I'll but the ST icons back. It all updated in Github now so you should be all set.

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The iconUrl fields are not used and can/should be empty strings in Hubitat.

iconUrl: "",
iconX2Url: "",
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That's why I thought they weren't required. Why bother having them if they should be empty? Seems a little silly.

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This is a setting on the device, you can edit through google home app under device settings I believe

Hi at all. Actually I'm using this integration on my Philips TV with Android TV but there are few command for using it to control the TV. Is it possible to add some more command like on and off the TV? And if possible the direction buttons as well. Thanks

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i am using the chromecast integration to cast a photo from an url using playTrack; this initially works fine, but after some minutes (seems a bit random how long) the cast stops and chromecast starts showing its standard pictures instead; any idea how to make the casting from playTrack continue?

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