Chromecast Integration Feature Request -- Manual Entry of IP

I haven't seen mention of this lately so it seems that there is not much interest but is there any way that the Chromecast Integration could add ability to manually enter IP address of device? My Google Home Mini is on a separate VLAN from HE Hubs (no rules to block between VLANs currently) and discovery does not work.

Does the discovery work if you use the


endpoint to add them into the hubs searchable range?

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I have not seen that before. I tried that and got "allowed subnets list updated" but intgration still did not find the Google device. If my Google Home Mini is, then the correct entry is http://hubitat.b/hub/allowSubnets? correct?

That should be correct. Can’t remember if you need to reboot afterwards for it to take effect, but might be something to try. (@gopher.ny might be able to tell us)

I thought same thing and tried the reboot. No joy! Not critical as I use Node-Red instead but would prefer to use HE if it worked.

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