Chromecast error

Anyone know how to fix these errors.

Not seen that one before.

It looks like it's waiting for a track uri to be provided. Did the error arise while trying to play a track uri? Maybe test that uri to check it's definitely correct. I've found if you send an incorrect/invalid uri to a GH or Sonos it can create all sorts of issues.

I do get other errors time by time. I normally find reinitialising the device on its device page can help. Or re-run the Chromecast app to rediscover the devices. I've also found that typing text in the text box on the device page and sending it can somehow reconnect the device. Maybe try that.

Another tip.... not sure if you are aware of it.... Is to use the "Chromecast Helper" app from Bryan to reconnect to the device every 4 minutes. It's really helped for my GH devices.

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Yes the URL exists. It’s a mp3 locates on local storage, which actually plays the sound.

I’m using the chromecast helper app already.