Chromecast, Enough is Enough

Looks great to me.

If it's not too much trouble can I get some help?
Installation instructions for a Hubitat noob.
I didn't even bother looking in the docs for this one. LOL


Never mind, found it.

I've been using Cast-web API for a while now and it never misses a beat. Plus there's an option that allows it to use the official assistant voice.

I have the Chromecast Integration installed too, but only to set the volume level in rules. The combination works very well. Here's an example of that.


Reviving this thread. I just started using the Chromecast integration to send announcements to Google Home Minis created as an audio group. I get the following error when I send a message to the group: Connection refused (Connection refused) (runQ)

Do I need to perform the aforementioned refresh to get this to work more reliably?


Why is Chromecast still beta after 1.5 years-google's issue or HE?

It works perfectly with my Vizio TV. Wakes it up even without any special app or rule. I’m guessing it’s a Google thing.