Chromecast App doesn't work with Group Speakers

I thought it was just me. This is an issue I'm experiencing as well.

Same nodeJS server that I used with ST.

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Gee I thought I was the only one. I wonder how many other people are experiencing this issue.

Okay now I am definitely feeling invisible on this. I was absolutely ignored when I opened a help desk ticket, and I know the staff has read this post many times because I've literally been bumping it incessantly for months. What's the deal Hubitat?

You do understand, don’t you, that this is a community forum, not Hubitat support?

I would try to help except I don’t use Chromecast.

I would try opening another support ticket, if I were you. Sometimes things do fall in the cracks.

Yeah I understand that. It didn't fall through the cracks though. It was actively closed without any response, which is why I'm here and not there. It's not like they don't know about this - it's just clear that they don't care to fix it. If it only works for a couple days and then stops, then it doesn't work.

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I'll open another ticket. I'm an early adopter, I own 4 Hubitat hubs. I've been here since before there was a help desk and the forum was all we had - so maybe it's me that has yet to adapt.

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Any feedback?

@kilowatts Did you ever figure out a solution? I have the same problem.

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I haven't had any problems for at least a couple months. So it's either a miracle, or the staff secretly performed some witchcraft.

"ChromeCast integration: settings to enable connection keep-alive through device polling."

Could it be?

OMG, but still in BETA, LOL

Unfortunately I can't get group speakers to work at all with .141

@bobbyD or @gopher.ny regarding

and " * ChromeCast integration: settings to enable connection keep-alive through device polling."
could some advise what the settings (no documentation) do on the app page, eg what is getting polled? why the option to very the poll interval? and whether we now still need to initialise GH speakers frequently (eg Chromecast helper)

It's polling ChromeCast status every N seconds to keep the connection alive.

I've put in seconds selection because I have no idea what's going to work best out there. For internal testing, 15 seconds (default) was just fine, but we haven't really experienced the sort of issues that pop up in the community. Thus an option to fine tune things, depending on the feedback.

so increase the time till it breaks!
so should the stop the need for us to send periodic initialise() commands (eg chromecast helper)?

I have 7 devices to ping, is there a limitation? Ping 7 device each 15 sec, is this not to much load for the hub?

Yeah :slight_smile:

I hope this change makes the connection more stable/reliable, that's all I'm going to say...

No, it's a very basic request. Not trying to do anything fancy here.

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Don´t know about a speaker group, a speaker pair is working