Chromecast "Announcements"

I'm currently using chromecast pucks attached to HDMI audio extractors fed to amplifiers as a DIY whole house, room by room audio system. I liked the idea of using the Chromecast app to deliver announcements (ie, the blueiris AI alerts Hubitat when a person is detected approaching the front door, you wouldn't believe how many delivery people just drop groceries/takeout without ringing the bell). The announcements work which is great, however if music was interrupted to make the announcement, the music does not resume after the text finishes playing.

I'm gonna assume this is a limitation of how google and chromecast work, but does anyone know a way around this?

Yep. You need Google Assistant Relay to broadcast messages.

Then when you are listening to music GAR broadcast the message and continues to play.


Wow awesome Thank You!

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Am I understanding this correctly, do I need a RasPi to run this?

You need pc or Raspi. I have windows 10 laptop working as a BlueIris server and same laptop is handling Google AR too.