Christmas lights won't stop on turning switch off

I have created a Rule by pretty much following the video for Lifx holiday lights on YouTube.
Instead of working off time I created a virtual switch. I can turn the rule on with the switch but can't turn the rule off, turning off the switch doesn't appear in the log for the rule.
It must be something simple I am missing but can't work it out.
Could someone please help me with this.
Thank you

Instead of Repeat/Until I would use While and use your switch on as the rule trigger

While (Virtual Christmas Lights Switch is on) Repeat every 0:01:00
    Set color...
    Set color...
    Set color
    Set color

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, I can't see the While as a Condition.
Did you mean for me to use While as a condition? or something else.
Sorry, I am new to Rule Machine.

You'll find the While with the Repeat actions

Thanks for your help.
I could get the animation to stop when the switch is off but the lights stayed on.
I worked around it by creating a basic rule to turn the lights off when the virtual switch is off.
It's working well now.
Thank you again for your help

After the Until action you could probably add a switch off command for the LIFX or set the level to 0.

I might try it when I get time again.
I am not too worried about it at this stage as my workaround does the trick.

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