Christmas light rules

I'm just learning RM so not sure if what i wrote is correct or will work:

For reference:
Outside lights is a rule i made that sets all bulbs color temperature to 6000 and level to 90.
Virtual Christmas lights is a switch that when turns on runs "lighting effects app" ([Release] - Lighting Effects)

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Hi @cabral.daniel.13.
Remember, the rule runs when it gets triggered. In this case that will be at sunset.
The Outside lights rule should pause, the Virtual Christmas lights should turn on.
However, the rest of the actions will never run because it will never be 1:33 AM or 1:34 AM or Sunrise when the rule is triggered (at Sunset) You should probably create separate rules triggered at the other times.

ahh yes, i actually originally have 3 separate rules with the triggers but i wanted to see if i could place it all in 1 rule.

You probably could. If you put the 4 conditions as triggers (when time is sunset or time is 1:33 am or time is xx:xx, etc) and then in actions use if sunset then action else-if 1:33 AM then action else-if, etc.
I like using separate rules just so I can pause one when I want.

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