Choosing between Wemo and Hubitat with Alexa

Hey all,

I have some Wemo switches that show up to Alexa as connected via the Wemo skill on Alexa and also as connected via Hubitat. Is there any real benefit (or disadvantage) to connecting one way versus the other? I've not noticed any difference in responsiveness between the two methods.


Connecting the Wemo devices with Hubitat, makes them available for automations. If it is just for voice control, it is probably a toss up. I had a few and it took a long while to come up with how to make use of them. When my better half wanted me to control some of her special lights, they became an ideal solution, and I already had them.


I tend to try and get all my devices hooked up to Hubitat as a "Backend" and then expose them to other front ends with apps - Mainly right now I have Alexa and HomeKit as my front ends. This seems to get you the best of both worlds. - You can do your voice control and simple rules in Alexa, but if you want to do more complex things, you can jump down to Hubitat land.


I'm in that boat as well, all my devices go through HE, and the other integrations are the 'Front Ends' for us. For example my better half, she uses the Alexa app instead of the Hubitat app to control our devices e.g. lights, doors, etc.

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I have them all connected through Hubitat currently. I'm just wondering if there's any reason to keep the Alexa skill for Wemo. Since she sees the devices through Hubitat just fine, I don't see a reason to keep the legacy connection method, but I was curious if anyone here had a different viewpoint.

Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

No need for both.